data viz

I have recently been filling my down time digesting this amazing oversized book by Nicholas Felton, PHOTOVIZ - Visualizing Information Through Photography.

Lots of interesting ways of aggregating visual data into one file. Most of these images are unsettling for some reason or another (cover for example). They all succeed at packing in an extended, or hyper-shortened, period of time into an image. 

My take away quotes from the book - 

"It is now worth asking whether finding the "decisive moment" should remain the goal of photography." 

"There is simply no limit to how much photography we will produce, and without techniques to manage, understand, and consolidate the photographic future, our images will go unseen."

It seems like the 'Big Photo' culture where everyone is documenting loads of daily moments addresses whether any moment is now unique enough to warrant noteworthiness. Culture has moved on from the snapshot, and is now consuming 'stories' to satiate. 

artist credit:

Wake Turbulence - Mike Kelley  /  Visualizations of The Flight Paths of Birds - Dennis Hlynsky  /  Babel Tales - Peter Funch /  Traffic Lights - Lucas Zimmermann  /  Transient Light - Martin Kimbell